The sale process begins with the initial consultation. We come to the home at your convenience to evaluate the sales potential, answer any questions you may have and give you an idea of what to expect.

   Choosing Dates for the Sale - Choosing your sales dates is an important factor. We typically work with your schedule which is essential when moving, downsizing or sale of the property. We usually host the sale for Friday, Saturday and Sunday's which allows for 2 weekend days and maximizes the sales potential. Also at this time, the initial pictures of the property will be taken for advertisement purposes. Not all items need to be photographed as we always add more once staging begins.

   Staging the Home - Normally we begin staging and set up of the sale 5 days to its commencement. We handle removing all the items from drawers, cupboards, cabinets, attics and other storage areas. Everything is then sorted and organized. Displaying the items is very important to insure a great flow of traffic, make everything easily accessible and pleasing to the eye. A sale is much more successful if the home is clean and clutter free. Customers attending the sale will spend more time and money if they feel comfortable shopping. We bring all tables, shelving, cases and stands necessary to create this environment. The home is arranged in a manner that allows the customer one way in-one way out for safety-security purposes. All areas of the home that we do not want entered are marked off.

   Pricing – With over 20 years of experience in the estate sale and auction industries and certified in appraising we investigate and research all items to insure its value. We test all gold, silver and gemstones for authenticity. In the event that an item or items are of a unique nature we will consult an expert in that field (rare collectibles, art, guns, coins etc.) to get a comprehensive value.  

   During Sale – Prior to the opening of the sale we double check everything for accuracy. Typically we only allow 10-12 people in the home at one time. Workers are stationed throughout the home allowing us to give each customer more personal attention. We assist customers with the removal of large items and loading into their vehicles or offer delivery service directly to their homes. At the end of each day, the cash register reports are printed and verified in which every client receives a copy of.  

   End of the Sale – Once the sale is complete we consult with you the potential of cleanout assistance or services or donation transport and pick up. Some out of state or incapable clients find this extremely essential in preparing the home for sale. Within 3-5 business days your funds are ready and will be accompanied by detailed paperwork showing each day’s transactions.

American Heritage is a family run business and prides itself on giving each and every client personal attention. Since no two sales are the same it is important to choose a company that thinks outside the box, adapts to each situation and goes the extra mile to insure a highly successful sale.

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