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Question: How do you determine the value of the property.

Answer:  American Heritage Estate Sales has over 20 years experience in the Estate Sale and Auction industry. Coupled with our extensive network of experts in every field you can rest assured you will recieve the best value for your property.
Question:  How do they report the sales to you, the client.

Answer:  We process payments to clients typically within 10-14 business days accompanied by the daily cash register reports and a sales recap showing all cash, credit card and check sales.  We have the capability to give an up to date total at any point during the sale.
Question: Do they offer cleaning services or debris removal prior to and after the sale.

Answer: We offer before and after clean up services. This is essential for our out of town clients and makes the whole process much easier.

Question: Advertising and Following.

Answer:  We handle all advertising of each sale.  We also strategically place signage in your area to route traffic to the sale.​  This coupled with our large following makes our sales a success!

Question: What methods do they use for point of sale (cash register, cashbox etc.)

Answer: We process all credit card and check transactions immediately at time of sale via the internet. This captures the funds and eliminates the possibility of insufficient funds or returned checks from the bank. We use cash registers for payment collection to insure you, our client, an absolute accounting of transactions. 
Question: Do they assist customers with their purchases. i.e. help load furniture or large purchases, offer delivery to the customers home.

Answer:  American Heritage offers our customers assistance with large purchses. We will help them remove them from the home to insure no damage to your property takes place. We also offer delivery services. This service makes your property much more marketable for those customers who would otherwise pass up a purchase if they are uncappable of transporting it.
Question: Does the company appropriately display the items (presentation) for easy viewing.

Answer:  This is extremely important process. Items displayed incorrectly could result in loss of income. Valuable items such as jewelry, coins, gold or silver are kept in a locked viewable area and overseen by one staff member for safe keeping and reduces the potential of theft. We also employee staff members who's sole responsibility is to keep a vidulant eye on your property.​

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The following information is very important when choosing a company to conduct an estate sale.  When at all possible prior to the consultation try to visit one of their sales to see:

     1.  Are they professional and courteous.
     2.  How is everything displayed.
     3.  Is everything appropriately priced or marked.
     4.  Is the home a clean and inviting environment.

We have prepared a list of other questions that should be asked.  Print off this page and have it handy during the interview.
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